Born in a small town Orkney South Africa in 1960.
His full time occupation is design draughtsman with BHP Billiton in
Meyerton South Africa where he lives with his wife Ilse and two
daughters Cindy and Dominique. He is a self taught luthier since 1996.
Studied the work of Jose Romanillos from Spain and Daniel Friederich
from France extensively. His initial focus was only on concert classical
guitars, but he is taking orders now for flat top steel string acoustic
guitars as well and selected restorations of rare instruments. Hans’s
dream is to go into lutherie full time and to make a positive difference
in the lives of his customers. His motto is “Striving to improve on perfection”

Hans offers the following:

  1. Concert classical guitars build with traditional woods of the highest grade i.e. European Spruce
    or Western Red Cedar for soundboards, Indian Rosewood for back & sides, Spanish Cedar for necks
    with Ebony fingerboards. This Guitar features double sides to improve sustain. Other materials also
    available. Machine heads are Irving Sloane. Finished in French polish.

  2. Concert classical double top guitar – this is to the same specification as above with the exception
    of the double top which consists of two skins 0,6 thick Spruce and Cedar or any combination there
    off with a honeycomb core known as nomex and a radial brace pattern. This guitar also features an
    acoustic port in the upper bout for the benefit of the player. Finished in French polish.

  3. Flat top steel string guitars – build with traditional woods of highest grade i.e. European, Sitka or
    Engelmann Spruce or Western Red Cedar for the soundboard and Indian Rosewood or Honduras Mahogany for
    back and sides. Honduras Mahogany for the neck with Ebony or Indian Rosewood fingerboards. Guitar
    features adjustable neck angle for the player to easily adjust the string action by the turn of a single
    bolt. Other woods are also available. Machine heads are Waverley's. Finished in Wood lacquer clear natural
    or various sunbursts.

  4. Restorations: Restoration work is offered from a complete rebuild to just a mere refinishing of rare

  5. Custom guitars: Hans welcomes enquiries for custom designed instruments.

  6. Projects in progress: The double top guitar proofed to be a winner and two
    more are on its way. A third is a steel string Orchestra Model with adjustable neck angle.

Hans has clients all over South Africa and takes pride to serve them with a total commitment to keep
their instruments in perfect working condition. Some best known clients are : Abri Jordaan, Rudi Bower,
Petrus Gous, Amalia Swanepoel, Eon Louw, Werner Retief, Benjamin Bushakevitz, Marc Rontsch,
Jonathan Moolman, Gerrit Roos, Ilse Steynberg, Zohn Genade, Carol Lotter, Wayne Duckham and Francois Droz ……..

Most notably of all is James Grace’s solo album “Latino Café” where he used Hans’s Cedar guitar
to record track 10 “Milonga” This guitar belongs to Marc Rontsch from Cape Town. www.jamesgrace.co.za

Hans buys the wood for his guitars from Luthier Mercentile International www.lmi.com and his tools
and hardware from Steward MacDonald’s www.Stewmac.com

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